The following attributes are supported by the divdldth1h2h3h4h5h6p tags:. The following table lists the CSS properties supported by Qt's rich text engine:.

All CSS 2. Post a Comment. Likewise, if an encoding is specified to QTextDocument::toHtmlthe encoding is stored using a meta tag, for example: li List item nobr Non-breakable text ol Ordered list Supports the standard list attributes.

Supports the standard block attributes. Provided for compatibility with earlier versions of Qt.

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Numeric values are 8 times the equivalent QFont weight values. Posted by Jay at AM. Labels: PyQt4Richtext. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me Jay View my complete profile. Supports the srcsource for Qt 3 compatibilitywidthand height attributes. If a text encoding is specified using the meta tag, it is picked up by Qt::codecForHtml. Likewise, if an encoding is specified to QTextDocument::toHtmlthe encoding is stored using a meta tag, for example:.

Supports the standard list attributes. Left-aligned by default. Supports the following attributes: borderbgcolor Qt color names or RRGGBBcellspacingcellpaddingwidth absolute or relativeand height.

United States

Supports the standard table cell attributes. If the thead tag is specified, it is used when printing tables that span multiple pages. The value specified using the title tag is available through QTextDocument::metaInformation. Specifies the font weight used for text, where normal and bold are mapped to the corresponding QFont weights.Exit Print View.

Search Scope:. This Document Entire Library. It prints various types of output, depending upon the options selected. Useful for developers testing libxml 3 node tracking code. It keeps comments in the result. Note that this works for full document not fragments or result from XPath queries. The default value is two spaces " ". This can also be used to make sure batch processing of XML files will not exhaust the virtual memory of the server running them.

By default, xmllint leaves entity references in place.

zenity nowrap

By default, xmllint outputs the result tree. Usually the programs build a tree and save it on stdout, with this option the result XML instance will be saved onto a file. Enclose space-separated lists by quotation marks.

It allows to select some nodes in the document based on an XPath subset expression.

Zenity - GUI for Shell Scripts

Used for debugging. In case of a nodeset result, each node in the node set is serialized in full in the output. In case of an empty node set the "XPath set is empty" result will be shown and an error exit code will be returned. A DTD to be validated against also can be specified at the command line using the --dtdvalid option. By default, xmllint also checks to determine if the document is well-formed. But with this option the resulting document is saved with the XML serializer.

Available commands in shell mode include in alphabetical order : base Display XML base of the node.Template:Refn Forty-eight of the fifty states and the federal district are contiguous and located in North America between Canada and Mexico.

The state of Alaska is in the northwest corner of North America, bordered by Canada to the east and across the Bering Strait from Russia to the west. The state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid- Pacific Ocean. The U. Nine time zones are covered. The geographyclimate and wildlife of the country are extremely diverse. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, and is home to the world's largest immigrant population.

The country's capital is Washington, D. Paleo-Indians migrated from Asia to the North American mainland at least 15, years ago. Numerous disputes between Great Britain and the colonies in the aftermath of the Seven Years' War led to the American Revolutionwhich began in On July 4,as the colonies were fighting Great Britain in the American Revolutionary Wardelegates from the 13 colonies unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence.

The war ended in with recognition of the independence of the United States by Great Britainand was the first successful war of independence against a European colonial empire. The first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rightswere ratified in and designed to guarantee many fundamental civil liberties. The United States embarked on a vigorous expansion across North America throughout the 19th century, [6] displacing American Indian tribesacquiring new territoriesand gradually admitting new states until it spanned the continent in The United States emerged from Template:Nowrap as a global superpowerthe first country to develop nuclear weaponsthe only country to use them in warfare, and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.

The end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in left the United States as the world's sole superpower. It ranks highly in several measures of socioeconomic performance, including average wage[12] human developmentper capita GDPand productivity per person.

The United States is a prominent political and cultural force internationally, and a leader in scientific research and technological innovations. Addressed to Lt. Joseph ReedMoylan expressed his wish to carry the "full and ample powers of the United States of America" to Spain to assist in the revolutionary war effort.

The first known publication of the phrase "United States of America" was in an anonymous essay in The Virginia Gazette newspaper in Williamsburg, Virginia, on April 6, The short form "United States" is also standard.SpaceFM User's Manual This manual uses your browser's default settings for fonts, font sizes, and colors. Or, highlight the menu item hover your mouse cursor over it and press F1.

Some dialogs also include a Help button which links to this manual. SpaceFM aims to provide a stable, capable file manager with significant customisation capabilities. Flexible - Can appear very simple or very complex depending on configuration Inspired by the simplicity and clarity of PCManFM's interface, SpaceFM's GUI aims to be simple and uncluttered, while still providing extensive capabilities for power users and flexibility in window components, behavior, and appearance.

SpaceFM can be a window containing icons of a single folder's contents, or a multi-panel, tabbed arrangement of detailed file lists, devices, bookmarks, and folder trees. Folders in the file list may be placed before or after files, or mixed with files, and hidden files may be placed before or after regular files. Custom date display format; binary or SI decimal file sizes and copy speeds Easily customise window titles and program icon Extensible - Design Mode allows you to create your own file manager SpaceFM's unique extensible GUI rivals the flexibility and capabilities of the Linux command line.

Using SpaceFM and making gradual adjustments as you go, you become the designer of your own version of the file manager. Works great with Openbox and other WMs, and can be extended with custom menu items.

zenity nowrap

Or, configure a custom protocol handler to mount networks using any external tools you choose, plus create custom protocols of your own. This means there aren't many built-in functions pertaining to networks, and SpaceFM does not make network connections itself. Network discovery and other functions are handled via plugins and your custom commands. At about this same time, PCManFM-Mod was created as a minor fork of the legacy version which added features, addressed bugs, and kept the legacy version alive for those who prefered it for its light dependencies and added features.

Due to the extensive changes in many parts of the project, SpaceFM was released with its new name as an alpha test version in January With version 0. When used with udevil or a custom protocol handler, this update also added support for network filesystems. Inimprovements included extending the features of SpaceFM's Desktop Manager, a new Item Properties dialog for adding and customising menu items, socket commands for interacting with a running instance, and an improved panel configuration memory.

Incustomisable handlers were added, greatly extending SpaceFM's ability to open devices and protocols, and handle archives and files. Also, a new Bookmarks side pane was added to include submenus and more powerful bookmarks.

Other changes included the addition of video thumbnails and a transparent desktop background mode. Downloads SpaceFM is included in most distro repositories. To find packages, forum threads, and other info for your distro, see the Distros Wiki.

If there are no packages for your distro, you prefer to use a testing branch, or you prefer to build SpaceFM with custom build options, a net installer is available. The alpha branch is used for alpha testing the very latest work on SpaceFM. It may be somewhat unstable. This branch doesn't always exist if no alpha testing is in progressso build scripts should fall back to the 'next' branch if 'alpha' is missing.

See alpha issues to see what's being tested. The next branch is the rolling release version of SpaceFM. It is beta-test quality, usually as stable as the numbered releases, and includes the latest features and bugfixes.

You can see what's being done in next by checking the milestone of the upcoming version number, or see the ChangeLog.

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The master branch contains the latest stable numbered release of SpaceFM eg 1. This branch has undergone testing and is usually the most reliable, but may be more out of date. To see changes in each release, see the Project News and ChangeLog. Net Installer If there are no packages for your distroor you prefer to build SpaceFM with custom build options, a net installer is available.Can books take on a charmed life?

Normally, they come and go. Some with big name authors earn mega-bucks. Some languish in obscurity, waiting to be discovered. But every so often, a book is researched, written and published against long odds, and then, it acquires even more relevance because of an external event. The author, Amir Saarony, is a graphic designer based in Canada.

He fell in love with Cuba working on some projects there, and then became "obsessed" with the historical artifacts of Cuban cigars. While he poured a lot of his own money, and time, into the book, in the process overcoming many obstacles thrown up by the basic difficulties of getting anything done in Cuba, he said that the book would not have been possible without the collaboration of many friends in Cuba.

The first location was on the Calle Industria, in the same building where the brand was made until its closing last year. The earliest artifacts in the book date back toand there are pictures of old labels and boxes from that era too. The book then chronicles the incredible history of the factory, as it entertained heads of state and celebrities from around the world during its nearly year history.

Saarony says the book will be available in the United States in May, and around the world in Casas del Habano during the rest of Look for it. The cigar lounge at Cigar Aficionado is currently closed, which means executive editor David Savona …. From the outside, the La Corona factory looks like any other non-descript building in Havana, but …. Habanos S. Executive editor David Savona tours the humidors of Havana's cigar shops.

Executive editor David Savona explores the world of house rolled Cuban cigars on his trip to Havana. Cigar Life. The Magazine. Cigar Top I am just getting back into cigars, so learning all over again. By the Way thanks for the video 's you both did a great job for someone starting all over again. There is no doubt that Chanel Handbags made with genuine leather can protect your bag well when you carry it anywhere.

We sale all kinds of Chanel Handbags with stable quality and skillful manufacture. Looks to be a great book and exciting look at the journey of Partagas Any thoughts on where to find in the US? More in Blogs See all. An Evening of Montecristo Habanos S. Feb 27, Feb 26, Bitte gibt niemals deine Account-Daten preis, da die angefragte Seite nicht mit Arcgames im Zusammenhang steht.

Unless said otherwise, the following sales will start and end at the indicated dates. It allows you to perform Stargazing and change which starpoints — and therefore which Attributes - you want to activate. It randomly shifts the attribute quantity, attribute content, and attribute position.

Is available at 50 Silver per unit.

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Is available at 1 Gold per unit. Is available at 2 Gold per unit. Is available at 75 Silver per unit. Raise your rep to gain access to special rank gear! Treasure Hunter Event Activated. How it works:. Prismatic Jade Pack. Floral Fox and Cloud Fox. Minor Squire's Badge Pack.

Finally, the Silent Epiphany will be on sale this week, please look at the following loot-table. Diese Seite verwendet Cookies, um dein Browser-Erlebnis zu verbessern. Wenn du auf dieser Seite bleibst, stimmst du der Nutzung unserer Cookies zu.

Mehr Informationen. Manche Features werden eventuell nicht korrekt angezeigt. X Achtung! Ab jetzt und bis zum Gebt Gold in der Boutique aus und erhaltet Belohnungen!TMOUT is the number of seconds after which the present shell will be killed if it has been idle for that long.

Show Sample Output. Simply sourcing. I therefor use this function. Prior to re-sourcing. First argument: string to put a box around. Must be a bug. It isn't mandatory, they cease to exist when the session ends. And can do not. Supppose you write a long, complicated command and wonder if it will be done in 3 seconds or 20 minutes.

Just add "R" without quotes suffix to it and you can do other things: zsh will inform you when you can see the results. You can replace zenity with other X Window dialogs program.

You can add something like this to your. This works everywhere. The given file may contain any kind of characters. This is compatible for most simple mathematical operation. For the first number found, it will be replaced by the result of a factor operation of To change the filename or multiplactor or number regular expression, change the first fixed values. That way others can gain from your CLI wisdom and you from theirs too. All commands can be commented on, discussed and voted up or down. Share Your Commands.

Run a command that has been aliased without the alias Most distributions alias cp to 'cp -i', which means when you attempt to copy into a directory that already contains the file, cp will prompt to overwrite. A great default to have, but when you mean to overwrite thousands of files, you don't want to sit there hitting [y] then [enter] thousands of times.

Enter the backslash. It runs the command unaliased, so as in the example, cp will happily overwrite existing files much in the way mv works. Which processes are listening on a specific port e. Can use port number or named ports e. How much RAM is Apache using?

zenity nowrap

Display the amount of memory used by all the httpd processes. Great in case you are being Slashdoted! FInd the 10 biggest files taking up disk space This combines the above two command into one. SSD v. Note if you use awk instead of "cut dc", you easily breach maximum allowed number of records in awk. Print info about your real user. To get your effective user: whoami.

Shows you how many hours of avi video you have. Every new command is wrapped in a tweet and posted to Twitter. Following the stream is a great way of staying abreast of the latest commands. For the more discerning, there are Twitter accounts for commands that get a minimum of 3 and 10 votes - that way only the great commands get tweeted. Use your favourite RSS aggregator to stay in touch with the latest commands.