Phase Plant offers the best of all worlds when it comes to software synths. Classic analog subtractive synthesis, samples, and wavetable technology, presented in a quick and creative way. Get the most out of any snapins you already own by using them to create synth presets that will surprise even yourself. Kilohearts are creating a new generation of audio plugins that focus on workflow.

Sevenn Creates a MINDBLOWING Bass Sound in ANA 2 🎹🔥

We believe modern music making requires modern tools that are not constrained to replicating hardware. Snapins are regular effect plugins that also work as modules in our snapin hosts. They are light-weight, but powerful, plugins that present you with the important settings in a no-nonsense way.

Every setting and component is clearly documented so you know exactly what goes on when you turn that knob. Snapins are purchased individually or in bundles, so get a big bundle discount, or cherry pick your favorites. The number of available snapins is ever growing, and Kilohearts aims to make the Kilohearts Toolbox the most complete sound design bundle out there. It offers extensive modulation options to create awesome presets, and custom channel strips very quickly.

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Content Banks Find additional content for your Kilohearts plugins. Presets, samples, wavetables, and more. Rack Extentions Many of our effects are available for Reason.

Find out more in the Reason shop. Host Plugins Snap Heap Effects playground.

kilohearts demo

Multipass Band-splitting multi effect. Phase Plant New Era Synthesis.The Kilohearts Installer will help you handle installation, updates, trials, and unistallation as quickly and painlessly as possible. Whenever you buy, or trial, a Kilohearts plugin you will get an email with a personalized installer download link. You should always use those installers if possible to get the smoothest experience.

The download is just 1. If, for some reason, you don't have a personalized installer available, use the download links above. They function the same way, but if your computers hasn't been authorized previously you will need to do so on the first run. There are two methods, either enter an email and then click a verification link sent to that email, OR paste any single valid license key you own.

Either way you do it there are rarely any situation where you need to copy-paste any license keys or stuff like that. When you select a folder for installation, make sure it's a folder that your DAW is actually scanning for presets. Normally yes. But there is a special offline installer if you need to install on something like a studio computer with no internet connection. These installers contain all Kilohearts plugins and related content and are therefore naturally much bigger in file size.

Rerun the installer from time to time and see if there are updates available. Sometimes we publish bug fixes, sometimes it's new features in old plugins! First up, make sure you own a license for the plugin in question.

You can log in at kilohearts. If you do own a license run the installer again and click "Enter Licenses" and make sure that your email is in the list of accounts activated for the installer on this machine. If your email is missing, paste any single license from your profile page in the license field in the installer to connect them. If your email is already in the list but the plugin is not, please try reinstalling.

If it is still not possible to install a certain plugin, you may need to go to the update tab and select the latest version before trying to install the problematic plugins. If the problems still persist please contact support kilohearts. Many of our retailers sell redeem codes. In order to get your actual licenses you need to enter the code here:.

Whenever someone makes a purchase we create an account stub for that email address. So even if you never explicitly created an account, it is there nevertheless.

If you attempt to log in using that email address you will asked to complete your account by validating your email, and select a password. There are two different occations where you might need to validate your email. When creating a user account at kilohearts. If you are not getting the validation email, please check your spam and trash folders. If you still can't find it, or if the validation link isn't working, please contact support kilohearts.

But you are free to create a new account and transfer your licenses from the old account to the new one. You can always log in to find all your licenses, or you can request a reminder email with all your license information here: kilohearts. You are free to transfer licenses to another email via your profile page. Please be aware that for security reasons this feature is pretty light on error messaging.

If your transfer isn't working, it is probably because the recipient already has a copy of that plugin. As long as you are the only user you can. But if several people are using the computer like a studio computer you can't install using the same license on another machine. If you use a lot of plugins at the same time, or include many snapins in a patch, the CPU usage will increase accordingly.

Thus, we cannot guarantee that the plugins will work flawlessly in all use cases even if your system does meet the minimum recommended system requirements.Ever since mankind invented music, there has been a desire to make it heavier.

In stereo, if that's what you're into. Kilohearts plugins work great together, and all the snapins can work double duty as modular components inside our snapin hosts.


There are several different hosts that allow you to apply any number of snapins in various contexts, like to each individual band in the band-splitter Multipassor add your full effects chain right inside the preset of the synth Phase Plant. With your confirmation email you will get a download link to the Kilohearts Installer 1.

It will quickly help you with the setup and installation of the plugins you purchased, and any others you might like like the other free ones. It is personalized for you, so no need to copy-paste any licenses.

Most of them are also available for Reason Studios Reason, but if you are a Reason user you have to get your plugin through the Reason Studios Shop.

The snapins work best together and the Kilohearts Toolbox offers heavy bundle discounts. It is divided into tiers so you can start out with what suits you the best! Newsletter Get info on updates and sales! Products Shop Compare products and buy. Content Banks Find additional content for your Kilohearts plugins. Presets, samples, wavetables, and more.

Rack Extentions Many of our effects are available for Reason. Find out more in the Reason shop. Host Plugins Snap Heap Effects playground. Multipass Band-splitting multi effect. Phase Plant New Era Synthesis. Bitcrush Simulate lo-fi sound sources.

Carve EQ 31 band graphic EQ. Chorus Enhanced stereo effect. Comb Filter Cut frequencies at intervals.

kilohearts demo

Compressor Dynamics processor. Delay Echoing effect. Disperser Magic all-pass filter. Distortion Versatile distortion effect. Ensemble Moving chorus effect. Faturator Dynamics preserving distortion. Filter Common filter effects. Flanger Sweeping comb filter. Formant Filter Vocal coloring. Frequency Shifter Dissonant shifting. Gain Volume control. Gate Noise floor removal. Haas Stereo widening. Ladder Filter Flavorful filtering. Limiter Volume threshold.

Nonlinear Filter Coloring filter effect. Phase Distortion Phase modulation.That just happened anyway. We have put a lot of time and effort into making oscillators and filters of the highest quality which gives kHs ONE a pleasantly warm and analog sound.

Working with professional musicians and producers throughout the development process, we have made sure that the sound meets their high standards. Newsletter Get info on updates and sales! Products Shop Compare products and buy. Content Banks Find additional content for your Kilohearts plugins. Presets, samples, wavetables, and more. Rack Extentions Many of our effects are available for Reason.

Find out more in the Reason shop. Host Plugins Snap Heap Effects playground. Multipass Band-splitting multi effect. Phase Plant New Era Synthesis.

Bitcrush Simulate lo-fi sound sources. Carve EQ 31 band graphic EQ. Chorus Enhanced stereo effect. Comb Filter Cut frequencies at intervals. Compressor Dynamics processor. Delay Echoing effect.

kilohearts demo

Disperser Magic all-pass filter. Distortion Versatile distortion effect. Ensemble Moving chorus effect. Faturator Dynamics preserving distortion.Phase Plant is an award-winning, semi-modular softsynth developed for music producers and sound designers which offers a unique combination of quality, functionality, and workflow. Whether you are new to synthesis or a seasoned professional, you will be creating amazing patches in no time.

With limitless combinations of generators, modulators and effects available you will be able to discover and refine your own original sound. When you first open Phase Plant you will be presented with an empty patch. Don't be afraid! This is an invitation to dive in and start creating with all the signal generators, effects, and modulators that you need to make almost any sound you can imagine. We understand that not everyone will know where to begin so we've included plenty of presets to get you started too Professional sound designers have been eager to create factory content for you to begin using right away.

Browse over expertly crafted sounds each with customized macro controls for fine-tuning and automation. Search and sort using our keyword hash-tagging system. We have even included a collection of technical demos showing you how to create certain sounds and effects.

Get up to speed with what's possible by going through and learning the essential synthesis techniques. Within Phase Plant, almost every parameter of any element can be tweaked and modulated. Bind any of the macro dials to multiple parameters so you can control and automate significant changes to the overall sound, control modulation ranges and speeds, or adjust effects levels to taste.

There are currently four signal generators and a few utility modules available in the Generators column. Analog, Wavetable, Samples, and Noise. Each one is carefully designed to offer the absolute best in quality, performance, and usability. Add as many as you like, route them freely. Group them. Hide them. Use some of them only to modulate others. Create layered sounds in an instant. Use generator unison, or global unison, or both!

If you are familiar with the Kilohearts Ecosystem then you'll already know about Snapins, our expanding range of simple and functional effects units which can be used by themselves as plugins in your DAW or combined as modules in any of our host plugins. Phase Plant includes three lanes to load up your Snapins with different routing options and even a 'Poly' option for per-note effects. Presets using Snapins you don't already own will still be fully functional but you won't be able to tweak those Snapins.

When it comes to modulation, Phase Plant offers unrivalled variety and flexibility with an advanced, yet easy to use, modular modulation system. Use advanced LFO, envelope, random, midi note, pressure, velocity, as well as min, max and multiply modules in any combination you can imagine to control the myriad variables available in this synth, as well as each other! Did you not see the small piano icon in the bottom right? Well, it was hiding the piano bar so you can try out your sounds easily while designing, even if you don't have your MIDI controller connected right now.

Like on the train? See those numbers and knobs colored in green? Those are "audio-rate modulations", in the same vein as famous FM synths. Except in Phase Plant you can modulate almost any generator value with the output of another one. Try phase modulating a Sine using a Sample as the source. There are even filters and distortions you can modulate at audio rate available in the generators section. When we both saw Phase Plant, we instantly knew it was a game changer. It's without a doubt the 1 weapon in our synth arsenal.

Not a single wave file was used! Phase Plant is a powerful modular synthesis engine by itself and you can further enhance your sound design capabilities by adding modules from our range of effects.Great guesthouse recommendation (good location, tour bus pickup right outside). Thanks to Nordic Visitor, Iceland was a wonderful place for a 5 day break. Nordic visitor provided an absolutely outstanding service, with agreed content, care hire, transfers, hotels, road maps marked up with great places to stop and even a mobile phone in case of problems.

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The complete sound design bundle

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