What on Earth happened to Elisa Lam? The mysterious circumstances surrounding her bizarre death and eerie evidence give rise to many theories.

But without new information coming to light, we may never know. Deaths and disappearances are an unfortunate reality of our society, with thousands occurring each year, a large proportion of which go unsolved. Not many deaths and disappearances, however, play out like an eerie plot from a Hollywood horror film. The unfathomable strangeness surrounding the ultimately unresolved death of Elisa Lam makes one such case.

Image credit: wikipedia. Lam was a year-old Canadian student studying in Vancouver. In January she embarked, alone, on what she intended to be a tour of numerous cities on the west coast of the USA. Beginning her holiday in San Diego, she visited the zoo and wrote about the city on her blog, then continued on, arriving in Los Angeles on the 26th of January.

There, she checked into the Cecil Hotel. After five days of sightseeing, Elisa was scheduled to check out and continue her journey to Santa Cruz. On this day though, her parents did not receive their daily phone call from their daughter.

Finding this uncharacteristic of Elisa, they contacted the L. Police proceeded to search the hotel with scent-tracking dogs, but were unable to search the building to a thorough extent, due to the absence of any probable cause a crime had been committed. On the 6th of February, the LAPD posted flyers around the neighborhood, urging anyone with any information to come forward.

A week passed with no new leads, and then the case took its first sharp turn towards the bizarre. It shows her peeking in and out of the elevator, hiding in the corner, pressing multiple buttons and erratically gesturing and dancing in the hallway outside the elevator. She then exits the elevator, and the door slides closed and open several times before the video ends.

New Bizarre Twists in the Macabre Case of Elisa Lam

It emerged that the Cecil Hotel had a long history of criminal activity, including murders and suicide. It was about this time that guests of the hotel began to complain of strange tasting, discolored water and low water pressure in their rooms.

Employees began to investigate the plumbing of the building. This led them to a gruesome discovery in the water tanks on the roof of the building. Inside one of the tanks, floating naked next to her clothes and belongings was the partially decomposed body of Elisa Lam. The Cecil Hotel, where Elisa Lam spent her last week.

The discovery of the body brought up more questions than it seemed to answer. The autopsy found no evidence of trauma or sexual assault, no traces of illicit drugs, and no evidence that Elisa had attempted suicide. It listed the death as accidental drowning. The investigation ceased, but many vital questions remain unanswered in this Canadian tragedy.

The water tanks in question were propped up on cement blocks without easy access, and had heavy, difficult to displace lids, which were found closed with the body inside. Access to the roof itself was locked and alarmed.Zantac Lawsuit. Humanist, humorist. As you can see, Lam was medicated with Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel and Effexor, four potent psychiatric drugs. Four drugs, when taken together, throw up major interactions, as seen here.

elisa lam blog

Tiffany Hahn, a licensed Private Investigator in the State of California, raises a very important question about this. She writes"Elisa Lam has a prescription for Quetiapine.

The Quetiapine was prescribed by Dr. Sarah E. She was issued 30 tablets.

The Strange Death of Elisa Lam

There were still 20 in the bottle. If there are 10 tablets missing from the bottle, Elisa Lam might have taken them in the 21 days between when they were prescribed January 11, and her disappearance February 1, One has to ask why a year-old woman had been prescribed these four drugs given their major interactions when combined.

She also made a post where she detailed making an appointment with a doctor to discuss Electroconvulsive Therapy. Wellbutrin carries a suicide risk on the patient information leaflet. It also carries a warning of akathisia, a condition which is best described as an 'inner restlessness and turmoil' that can become so overwhelming that death is a welcome result. Lamictal - Antiepileptic GlaxoSmithKline. Inthe FDA forced manufacturers of all antiepileptic drugs to include new warnings of possible suicide ideation.

Seroquel was approved in for the treatment of depressive episodes in patients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It carries a suicide risk warning on the patient information leaflet. Seroquel has been the subject of more than 25, product liability lawsuits, including one brought by federal prosecutors. The federal litigation and other lawsuits alleged that AstraZeneca Seroquel's manufacturer did not disclose certain side effects of the drug, and encouraged doctors to prescribe the drug for treatments not approved by the U.

Sinceit has been marketed by Pfizer. Not indicated for bipolar, however, according to Psycom. In addition to birth defect lawsuits, other claims have been made for suicidal thoughts, violent behaviours and discontinuation syndrome, or on behalf of deceased loved ones.

Akathisia is also listed as a side-effect. Four drugs that carry suicide warnings, four drugs prescribed to this year old woman by a psychiatrist, Dr. Scarfe, who works at a university that caters to young people ages 25 and under. The FDA's black box suicide warning for people age 25 and under was supposedly created to help teens and young adults be better informed about critical adverse drug effects. It is not clear whether Dr.

Scarfe ever provided informed consent to Elisa. Many psychiatrists fail to provide informed consent and leave it to chance that a young person such as Elisa, would, somehow, automatically know to carefully read the microscopic fine print in each of the four drug leaflets. Inthe suit was dismissed. Elisa's full autopsy report.

Learn more about akathisia here. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Please contact me if you would like a guest post considered for publication on my blog.I can name I can tell you their names, their childhoods, their murders, their trials, their deaths.

I have been trying for 20 minutes. The Black Dahlia. Elisa Lam. JonBenet Ramsey. So, let me ask you something — who were these people who were killed? Why do we make them just a number in the body count. So many people in the TCC community romanticize, glorifying, fetishize, and excuse killers.

Toxic Masculinity causes these crimes, and when you romanticize these killers, you are adding fuel to the fire. Remember the victims, not the killers. Learn about their lives. Seek justice for them, and understand why they died, and work to make sure it never happens again.

Dylann Roof is getting what he deserves. His victims are getting justice, and that is what they deserve.

4 theories: What was Elisa Lam doing just before she died in this video?

Unfortunately, the hotel Elisa chose to stay at—Hotel Cecil—was a notorious place for sinister happenings such as thefts, suicides, and murders.

The Cecil Hotel, as most reports hasten to mention, was at one time home to serial killer Richard Ramirez, a. The Nightstalker, and at another to fellow serial killer Jack Unterweger. It was also allegedly the last place butchered actress Elizabeth Short, a. The Black Dahlia, was seen before her grisly—and still unsolved—murder in The last sign of Elisa before her death was in an elevator caught on security footage watch here where she is seen to exhibit strange behavior.

The footage begins with Elisa stepping into the elevator and pressing all of the buttons for unknown reasons. The elevator doors, however, refused to close. Elisa is then seen cautiously moving forward and darting her head out of the elevator doors as if she were expecting to find someone out there, possibly even looking for her.

The Solved Case of Elisa Lam

She just as quickly retracts as if not wanting to be caught. Afterward, Elisa presses herself into the corner of the elevator as if trying to hide from an unseen presence. The elevator doors are still malfunctioning at this point. Elisa steps out of the elevator and returns back inside and, once again, presses all of the buttons.

The doors still refuse to shut and Elisa steps out of the elevator and begins making strange gestures, as if she were pretending to be swimming.

Elisa then wanders off and is not seen again. Only thirty seconds after she leaves do the elevator doors finally close. It was determined that she ended up inside of the tank only moments after she left the elevator.

The most confusing part of it all was how Elisa Lam even managed to access the roof undetected when it was blocked behind two locked alarmed doors.

Even if she had done that alone, climbing up the water tank, opening one, and closing it behind her would have been extremely difficult for her. Despite this, investigators ruled her death an accident.There are some cases, especially in recent years, that are inescapable within the true crime community.

At the top of the list is the mystery surrounding the death of Elisa Lam. Theories abound on how the year-old student died while staying at the infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles inranging from murder to accident to supernatural forces playing a role in things. As for what really happened to Elisa Lam, we may never truly know the answer to that question.

Lam, the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong, was born in in Canada. At the time of her death inshe was a student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Though at the time of her death, Lam was not registered as a student there. Prior to her trip to California, Lam had been struggling with mental health issues being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression.

At the time of her death, Lam was on four separate medications to help with her conditions: Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel, and Effexor. In the years prior to her death, Lam was an avid blogger.

Her blog consisted of fashion images mixed with quotes and passages about her struggles with mental health and the goings-on in her life. In JanuaryLam embarked on a solo trip to California from Vancouver. As a deal with her family, who worried about her travelling alone, Lam promised to call them once a day. She then travelled to L. Lam kept her promise to remain in contact with her family every day of her trip. On Jan. This was the day that Lam was supposed to have checked out of the Cecil Hotel and headed to Santa Cruz, but.

The Lam family would call the police to report Elisa Lam missing and head to L. Police acted quickly. They descended on the Cecil Hotel and interviewed hotel staff and businesses in the surrounding area. Staff said that they saw Lam alone that day while nearby owner of The Last Bookstore, Katie Orphan, also saw Lam, who was buying presents for her family that day.

Orphan would say that Lam appeared to be in good spirits. The search, however, did not go well. The footage, which you can view below, has been extensively analyzed and picked apart by true crime fans.A trial of the new diagnostic found that it was only capable of identifying The specificity of The hotel guests used the water that was contaminated by her decayed body to take a shower or to drink.

It was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that about 4, people have been infected by TB during this period. TB is an infectious disease caused by various strains of Mycobacteria, usually Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB is the leading cause of death by a single, treatable infectious disease.

It is important to know that without knowing the name of the species to which patients have been exposed, taking antibody tests is a waste.

BCG vaccine can also infect animals and humans whose immune systems are vulnerable. The best way to incubate pathogens is providing the perfect environment such as water tanks that are not irradiated by the sunlight. Elisa Lam was missing for nearly three weeks which are the perfect period to incubate Mycobacterium tuberculosis and transmit the disease through the water tank.

An infection can cause bloated tummy and internal bleeding which can be misunderstood as a sexual assault. Those patients suffer from autoimmune diseases including mental illness in their later lives. Many patients, who are infected by bacteria, fungi, or virus, are left without treatment because diagnosis is difficult when only a few assays are available under health insurance policies while millions of species are estimated to exist.

A zombie ant infected with the parasitic fungus bites the neck of one of its dead fellows, mistaking it for a leaf vein. Scientists discovered four new species of fungus that infect ants, take over their bodies, and eventually kill them in a place that is just right for the organism to grow inside them.

Sample, I. The Guardian, Mar 2, Audience may have been misled by the people who believe that paranormal activities caused her death. We may have to consider the facts that the video and autopsy report delayed many times were not released immediately and the video appears to be edited.

elisa lam blog

The elevator door in her hotel may have been manipulated or operated by the person who opened the water tank, which was locked, to monitor her behavior or to record her behavior by the camera to make people believe that she probably committed suicide or died accidentally due to her mental illness.

Is Elisa Lam's death a result of bioterrorism? The infection is also treated by alkaline properties such as minerals in vegetables. When our DNA is mutated by parasitic infections, thinking process and behavior change due to the information processing errors.

This happens when our body compositions atoms begin to decay by the light scramblers pathogens that cause deprotonation. This error can be fixed by the powerful electron donor, sunlight that inhibits the mutation and repairs the damaged DNAs by destroying the electron destroyers, parasitic pathogens.

Genius brain is measured at about 80 MHz while the infected brain is measured at about 40 Mhz. February 26, Jane Lim. Elisa Lam. Water Tank in the Cecil Hotel. Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Zombi ants. Genius brains. The Silent War Within. Parasitic Fungi. BCG Vaccine. March 1. January 1. November 2.

July 1.Not so with the sad, strange case of Elisa Lam. Lam, a year-ol d Vancouver woman, went missing during a solo trip to Los Angeles in She was staying in the Cecil Hotel now renamed Stay on Maina hotel which rivals The Overlook when it comes to dark, macabre history. Strange stuff. Lam went missing on January 31, There were also problems with water pressure. The rooftop water tank is extremely difficult to access. So how on earth did Lam get there?

And if she jumped in herself, where were her clothes? Are we supposed to believe she walked through the hotel naked to get to the roof? Sadly, since her death has been ruled accidental, the official case of Elisa Lam is closed, unless new evidence is uncovered. What do you think? Be sure to read the comments from Robert, the elevator mechanic, below. They add an interesting dimension to this story.

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elisa lam blog

It seems so wrong to me. This case sickens me. The police were fully aware that at least 2 employees of the cecil hotel at that time were sex offenders. Elisa Lam was raped and murdered, her body discarded in the water tank.

Again, sickening.A young woman named Elisa Lam disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Los Angeles, her body later found in a hotel's water tank. Lam disappeared on that day, and she remained missing for several weeks after she failed to check out of the property as scheduled in February On 6 Februarythe Los Angeles Police Department LAPD released information about the disappearance of Elisa Lam in the hopes of finding her alive, and on the following day held a press conference on the case that was covered in local and national news.

On 14 Februarysurveillance video from the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles was released by police; in those lengthy clips, Lam was seen lingering in an elevator and behaving in an unusual fashion. Many viewers of the unsettling clips inferred Lam was interacting with an unknown person or persons off camera, while others suspected the young woman was experiencing an episode of acute mental illness or was under the influence of drugs.

Five days after the release of the videos, the hotel began to investigate guest complaints of low water pressure and an odd taste in the water supply, and maintenance workers located a body, later identified as that of Elisa Lam, in one of four large water tanks on the roof of the Hotel Cecil.

In JuneLt. Authorities including police and the coroner have not stated how they believe Lam got into the tank. Law enforcement officials had been careful to say that the death could be accidental, despite widespread public suspicions of foul play.

The mysterious death of the young woman whose body was found in a water tank on the roof of a cheap downtown hotel has been ruled accidental. The cause of death was listed as accidental due to drowning, with bipolar disorder listed as a significant condition, he said.

The story of a Texas woman who reportedly shared a Facebook post claiming the coronavirus outbreak was a hoax — and later reportedly died from the virus — reminds us of the dangerous potential of misinformation. The coronavirus responsible for COVID has deadly adaptations that make it perfect for infecting humans. But this is a testament to natural selection, not bioengineering. Pollution levels in India did drop dramatically in Aprilbut beyond that the story gets a little more hazy.

The U. No, but Walmart and other stores have set aside dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens. According to Arizona Rep. Help Snopes. Become a Founding Member! Claim A young woman named Elisa Lam disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Los Angeles, her body later found in a hotel's water tank. An elevator-clip video presumably taken minutes before her death has gone somewhat viral allover the internet.

The video too seemed to show another person than the pictures. The instance somewhat creeped me out at first, but now I started to think that the case is just a well scripted hoax as many information on the case are missing, yet a full video just went viral. Still there is no evidence of disproving the few tv-news talking about this case. Have you heard of this news? Is it really true as the videos claim to be? Collected via e-mail, November Rating True About this rating.

Do you rely on Snopes reporting? Become a member today. Many viewers of the unsettling clips inferred Lam was interacting with an unknown person or persons off camera, while others suspected the young woman was experiencing an episode of acute mental illness or was under the influence of drugs Five days after the release of the videos, the hotel began to investigate guest complaints of low water pressure and an odd taste in the water supply, and maintenance workers located a body, later identified as that of Elisa Lam, in one of four large water tanks on the roof of the Hotel Cecil.

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