Just short piece in a lovely little universe where a certain Mary Sue doesn't exist. You Want More? Casey was gathering his scattered items of clothing from around Severide's bed. The morning sun was casting rays through the bedroom windows.

Severide was still on the bed, not a thread of clothing on and his manhood on display as Casey questioned somewhat urgently, "What is this? What are we doing?

He didn't want that. He wanted to define what they were doing, he wanted Severide to tell him that it was more than just sex but he'd never reveal that, he wouldn't admit his need to be wanted. He loved Casey's bed hair. He loved how he looked in the morning, especially that sort of dishevelled just had three rounds of sex look.

That look he had right now. His eyes were glistening in the light. His lips were a little swollen, his arms a little marked from the roughness of Severide's hold because if he had the choice he'd never let go of him. But he wasn't about to admit that to Casey. Casey's eyes fell, his lips parted slightly, trying to show Severide nothing but showing him all too much.

The man knew him too well. Of course he was right because he knew when Casey was in something he put his all into it. Severide sighed heavily as he watched Casey go.

This wasn't happening. He was falling in love. Scrap that. He'd already fallen in love. He cared way too much. And he kept letting him walk away. As the clock hit 8am Severide strode into the station, that morning's conversation played heavily on his mind, he didn't want to give it a second thought but he couldn't ignore the look on Casey's face and he couldn't ignore the feelings he held towards him.

The feelings he'd held towards him for a lot longer than he wanted to admit to himself. But he didn't want things to go any further. He didn't want to jeopardise what they had going, he didn't want to jeopardise their friendship but perhaps he'd already done that. He knew the question that Casey had really wanted to ask him was — are we exclusive?Someone callbecause Twitter is up in flames over a recent post by the co-creator of Chicago Fire.

Derek Haas, who also developed Chicago P. Every week, he invites his Twitter followers to participate in something called "7 Question Sunday," during which fans probe him for information about what's coming next on their favorite Chicago-based shows. Derek chooses only seven questions to answer at time and his responses vary from playfully sarcastic to "OMG, did he just say that?!

Before season 8 of Chicago Fire even premiered, the co-creator shared a spoiler that we overlooked at the time—but as the winter finale approaches, panic is starting to set in.

Derek replied and his response was not promising for fans of the longtime characters. They won't both be at 51 before the winter break. WHAT pic. Assuming Derek is telling the truth, that means either Matt Casey Jesse Spencer or Kelly Severide Taylor Kinney won't be at Firehouse 51 by the conclusion of episode 9—which is right around the corner.

A description for episode 7, airing on November 6, says "Severide must make a tough decision about the future of his career at Firehouse Say what? I'm not going to get upset with you, because I would like to believe that means Severide is off on his honeymoon. I don't think u would want to be breaking up Station House This would mean that Severide stays on the show and gets engaged to Stella Kidd shutting down another scary Chicago Fire theory we have. But a happy ending for Stellaride doesn't do anything for Casey's future There's so.

Sound off in the comments with your own theories! Home Maintenance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Shop Country Living's Spring Collection. In response to a fan's question about their future on the show, he said "they won't both be at 51 before the winter break. Ask away Chicago Fire. Chicago P. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Best of TV Sorry about that! If you think it's over, I have to disappoint you.

We need to extinguish these fires before we can sort out what to do, you gotta help me! She's being crushed by concrete as we speak for Christ's sake! There's no other way. Severide clearly disagreed, but the tension between the two firefighters diffused when Boden radioed Severide agreeing with Casey.

Severide, go and get the Jaws. It's the only chance we have of preventing the roof from collapsing. The rest of Squad, start trying to extinguish the fires with Truck Start from the front and work your way back. Casey, make sure you look after Dawson. Check how she's doing and keep me updated. The team acknowledged the authority. Severide ran back outside with his Squad while Casey knelt down to check on Dawson. Every time he looked at her he felt his heart tear open a little bit more.

Thankfully, she was still mildly conscious, but she was falling fast; her eyelids were slowly fluttering and he could see her become paler by the second. Casey become increasingly worried, watching her die right in front of him like this was sickening. Then her eyes flickered shut and Casey's heart stopped.

Seconds went by, feeling like hours. Relief immersed Casey when he finally saw the paramedic's eyes gently reopen, revealing her once beautiful captivating chocolate coloured irises that had now become dull and lifeless.

She weakly chuckled before grimacing in pain again. She knew she wasn't going to make it. Her whole body felt cold and empty; the only thing she could feel was the ceaseless pain all over and the coppery taste of blood rising in her mouth. She felt it trickle through her teeth and down her chin but did her best to appear to be fine, not wanting to alarm Casey.

chicago fire fanfiction severide saves casey

It clearly didn't work. Dawson's fading fast, the internal bleeding's getting worse. Dawson had never expected Casey to care so much about her. Seeing him cry right in front of her was such an abnormal sight — he was always the strong level-headed one.

The only other time she'd seen him break down like this was This is gonna hurt for Dawson. The Squad got to work while Casey reached to hold Dawson's outstretched bloodied hand, hoping to be a source of comfort.Okay guys, I have been thinking about this for a while now So I pick some episodes and -if needed- change the story to get our Lieutenant in harms way. Which means: it's a mixture of Casey whump stories.

And of course our Lieutenant needs someone to take care of him.

Matthew Casey

No slash. So I hope you guys will like the idea and leave a few comments. I really need them to know if I should continue or not. Of course wishes for an episode are welcome.

chicago fire fanfiction severide saves casey

Please remember English isn't my first language and I am working really hard on writing but your grammar is still giving me a hard time.

Have fun reading. I start with episode 2x01 :o. It had been a tense rescue but Casey was more than glad Shay, Dawson and the woman where alright now. He had done whatever he could to hold the flames back as long as necessary but Severide was right. It was his time now to get back to the safe side.

There was nothing more he could do. Damn it, even if he wouldn't admit it He looked at Severide who was waiting on the other side watching while he made his way towards safety. He was nearly halfway through as Casey could feel the ladder shaking underneath him.

He looked at Severide, his eyes giving away the horror. Severide raised his brows but it all happened in a second and before Severide could form a question Casey was gone. He could hear the loud crash as something collided with the concrete wall.

And he could hear Casey screaming in pain. He could see Casey within an instant, grabbing his arm without hesitating. He knew that Otis and Mill would have his back and even if it just had been Casey and him he would have risked his life to save Casey, no matter what. Casey tightened his grip onto the hose, trying desperately to get any grip with his boots and trying his best to ignore the sharp pain in his side.

He could feel Severide fighting to get him up towards the window. He knew that he would never let him go, that he would do anything to keep him safe.

Nonetheless he was slipping from his grip.

chicago fire fanfiction severide saves casey

A cry of pain escaped Casey's lips as his legs hit the wall again. Stop struggling.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Revamp of Past Lives. Jay Halstead has always been a private person.

Kelly Severide

Always keeping his professional and personal lives separate. When a case with Intelligence starts to shed light on his past and his deepest secrets, he doesn't know what to do. Lingering feelings for the one man that he shouldn't and a child to protect, Jay finds himself in a life changing situation. Matt Casey storms out of 51 and no one knows why. Captain Casey is no longer a member of the CFD.

Over six months down the line, Severide life hangs in the balance at Med and Matt is on his way. As Severide is in critical condtion, some suprises are revealed and answers are given. Even now, after sharing the bed with Kelly, the feel of his hands on him, Matt is still having a hard time believing this is all real. Kelly celebrates his neck-surgery recovery by enthusiastically practicing—and perfecting—a few skills.

What's happens after the happily ever after? After the heroes ride off into the sunset? After the guy gets the girl or the other guy in this case? Life, mostly. But life isn't always smooth sailing.

Jimmy In Flames - Chicago Fire

Six months down the line, Severide is in critical condition at MED but the Casey that turns up itsn't who they were expecting and they are in for a lot of surpises.

But is everything for the worse? Starting from the beginning is the best way to figure out just how you got to where you are. Kelly Severide and Andrew 'Andy' Darden just wanted to be firefighters. Then they met Matt Casey and their duo became a trio.

Along the way they add more people to their chosen family and figure out how to survive the CFD, life and everything else along the way.

What if Cynthia had introduced Charity to the rest if the Bellas after the international competition. Casey and Severide love each other, but things keep getting in the way. Casey's past comes back to haunt him. Severide is pissed at Casey's ex for abuse and other stuff. They both are struggling with the death of Andy. But all is well because they love each other. There are moments in life when you realise nothing will ever be the same. But change doesn't mean everything is over.

It was only just beginning of a lifetime for Severide and Casey. A life filled with ups and downs, tears, joys, pain and laughter. This my gay fan fiction and I hope I do it justice. You should read that first. A collection of drabbles and short stories about the relationship and friendship between Casey and Severide. Top of Work Index.Lieutenant Kelly Severide is a firefighter and the company officer the second shift of Rescue Squad 3. Severide is known as a "ladies man".

He is portrayed by Taylor Kinney. Kelly is dedicated to his position in Rescue Squad and he is proud to be there and is happy that he did not need the help of his father to get where he is today. Severide has many ex-girlfriends and flings, however the only relationships that seem to last are friendships rather than relationships, like with his best friend Leslie Shayhis half-sister Katie Nolanand fellow firefighter Matt Casey.

He also has an unknown amount of brothers from his father, Benny Severide's marriage to his step-mother. Severide and Casey are still dealing with the death of one of their team members, Andy.

There's tension between Truck 81 and Squad 3 regarding the situation - Severide at the time blames Casey for letting Andy go into the fire while Casey blames Severide for not warning them about the vents which caused the explosion. During this, Severide is suffering from an injury in his arm. He makes an appointment, where the doctor tells him that they will need to operate and he won't be able to work for a year.

It Sounds Like Severide or Casey Might Be Leaving 'Chicago Fire' and We're Losing It

He ignores the instructions, the doctor warns him the pain and injury will worsen but he refuses to have surgery. Shayhis best friend, and roommate help him when he asks for stronger painkillers by taking them from the ambulance. Eventually, the pain worsens and he asks for more, she tells him to get surgery and stop his childless.

He turns to an old girlfriend instead, who gets him much stronger and illegal medication. He keeps taking them until a drug test is ordered on all the firefighters after a case they work on. He tries to delay the test but is unable to, Shay finds out and helps him. She gets very frustrated at him and leaves their apartment.

After she's in an accident, he asks her to come back but she refuses as he's still taking the medication. He eventually turns to Dawson for help and books an appointment with the doctor and Shay moves back in.

Even though the injury is exaggerated at the beginning, he's released quickly and is back on Squad in no time. Severide reconnects with his father, Benny Severide who comes to visit Firehouse 51 as he served there with Henry Mills and Chief Boden.Author's Note : I woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly I have the urge to write this.

I know I'm not updating my previous story but I need to pen this out of my head. A Sevasey one shot. English is not my language and I didn't use any beta reader for this so all mistakes are mine. It was just a usual call — a house fire — something they used to handle all the time.

Nothing out of ordinary. The place was just around the neighbourhood so they managed to get there in three minutes. As he reached the house, Boden and both his lieutenants regrouped in front of the truck to discuss the next move when a woman approached them in hurry. The house should be empty at this hour but they have a teenage boy who sometimes comes home early from school.

I didn't see him around so I'm afraid he's still in there. Both team scattered into the house to their exceptional tasks. Severide moved slowly, leading the squad into each room when the smoke was getting thicker by the moment. Satisfied that there was no victim anywhere, he went downstairs with the team, thinking to help Casey if needed.

They met halfway into the hallway.

chicago fire fanfiction severide saves casey

Casey shrugged. Smoke's everywhere but I couldn't find the source. Severide nodded, agreeing the thought. They started to search for the door and when they found it, Casey sighed. No wonder I couldn't find it before.

The door looked a lot like the wall — more like a secret door to the basement. The knob was more likely a key holder than its real function. Severide and I will take a quick look. The smoke looks worse. Casey nodded as Severide opened the door. That was when they felt the real heat. The basement was already on fire.

But that was not the only thing caught their eyes, it was everything else in the basement. It was so big and metal scraps were everywhere in every possible sizes.

Severide looked at his partner, sharing a worried glance. It was impossible to do the search and rescue in three minutes. Hell, ten minutes would not be enough. All the scraps would be in the way. Severide made a few more steps further when he felt the stairs started shaking. Back out! Boden looked at the front door, frowning in concern. Everybody was outside, except for his two lieutenants and Capp.