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It is designed to transform streams of documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. And its award-winning recognition technologies, automatic document classification, plus a highly scalable and customizable architecture, mean that it can help companies and organizations of any size to streamline their business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Transform streams of documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data Capture With Mobile ABBYY FlexiCapture for iOS turns smartphones into portable scanners that capture information from paper documents and deliver it to back-end systems.

Software for Document-driven Business Processes One system for processing all kinds of paper documents in any industry Intelligent Auto-learning Technology Makes Set Up Easy Interactive training technology simplifies system implementation and set up. What is Forms Processing? Forms processing is a process whereby information entered into data fields is converted into electronic form. At that time the team was working on two projects: the development of hand-written form recognition and FlexiCapture technology - which enables data extraction from documents with flexible layouts.

Show more. OCR - Optical character recognition. Competitive products. ABBYY …. Deployments with this product. PwC …. Please, try again later. OCR program works best on text that has already been typed, either in cases where an original printout has been lost, or in scanning sheets typed on a typewriter. Good OCR software may also be able to translate handwritten text, however, although the error rate on this sort of conversion tends to be much higher.

This is because some years ago the fields effectively merged, and both fields adopted the more attractive term optical character recognition. Character recognition software has advanced a great deal in recent years, with modern programs substantially better than their predecessors at identifying text.

Hardware, such as an optical scanner or specialized circuit board is used to copy or read text while optical recognition software typically handles the advanced processing. OCR technology software can also take advantage of artificial intelligence AI to implement more advanced methods of intelligent character recognition ICRlike identifying languages or styles of handwriting.The software uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enable automatic classification and data extraction.

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ABBYY FlexiCapture

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abbyy flexicapture 12 price list

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Official Email ID. I would like to know more about my company's leads and lead packages. By submitting, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thank you for the enquiry. Our software experts will contact you in next 1 hour. For fast free consultation call us on We have helped business find the right Software. One of our software analysts will contact you in next 1 hour.Learn how to configure multipage documents in FlexiLayout Studio.

This properties window shows us down here at the bottom, a checkbox that says allow multipage documents. This is very, very important. In this given scenario, we do want to set a proper minimum number of pages and maximum number of pages. If we know a maximum. This PDF obviously has multiple pages. This is the price list document, and so I have prices that span multiple pages. Specifically a header and a footer.

Header and footer are critical in to telling the software where a document starts and stops, it even is critical when we want to automatically split a document and process them accordingly. The blue line indicates what I would refer to as a baseline or even a reference line. That is what we are telling the software we know about the document and how a document starts and stops. Therefore making it two separate documents. So in this case it may be helpful for us as end users to go ahead and set what we call a reference document.

And what we do is we right click on those pages and we will assemble to a reference document. So if we select them all and right click match, you can see once again the items in blue are what I told the software, how it should be in reality and green is what ABBYY actually is performing automatically.

But header and footer is what tells the software when to start and stop a new document. And in the multipage or multidocument world, this is absolutely critical. From here, of course, we can process these, we can add additional elements. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us. Thank you. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Travis Spangler Travis writes articles dealing with various technical aspects of document capture and forms processing. He is fluent in Microsoft. As general manager and sales director, he controls the daily operations as well as manages customer accounts to ensure both customers and prospects are receiving the very best from UFC, Inc.

Travis has many years of experience with document capture software and content management systems.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 - Web Stations

View all posts by Travis Spangler. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.They do not have a free version. See additional pricing details below. Free Trial. Visit Website. Powered by ABBYY's AI-based OCR technology, FineReader integrates scanned documents into digital workflows and makes it easier to digitize, convert, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the digital workplace.

Founded in Located in United States. Starting Price. Yes, get a free trial. Document Management. Popular Comparisons. Able2Extract Professional. Datalogics PDF Tools. Ease of Use. Customer Service. I recommend it for offices where large amount of pdf document needs further process, and text analysation.

abbyy flexicapture 12 price list

It is one of the smartest OCRs out there, and I have been able to convert several documents that gave other software issues. Especially for text books, which have many pages with boxes and images.

The second minus is that there is no tool for merging several files into one. The licensing can be painful to work through.

Write a Review. Pattar and Co. Show More Ratings. Reviewer Source. That is all gone by way of automation. The only hang-up to a seamless input into automation is the fact that much of it still is stored as paper, believe it or not.

My firm in particular made a push to start digitizing all of our records and in this process, I learned much about OCR technology. I just hope that this product continues to develop and remains at its reasonable price point. In short, the quality and intelligence of their OCR engine is tremendously accurate and fast!

We eventually bought more licenses after realizing that ABBYY will be a critical component in my firm's efforts to digitize all of our records and hard copies onto our cloud-hosted server. However, for a very small business that may not warrant another license purchase, they will quickly find out that ABBYY is quick to detect multiple sessions of the same serial code and will block both out.Grouping Off. It is designed to transform streams of documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data.

Forms processing is a process whereby information entered into data fields is converted into electronic form. Intelligent self-learning classification and state-of-the-art recognition technologies enable FlexiCapture to replace error-prone manual processes with automatic document classification and processing.

Available in thick and thin client versions. Pre-loaded or scanned images can be improved before processing using features that include rotation, deskewing, hide sensitive data and more. The recognition stage includes assembly of documents, classification, text and data extraction and automatic validation. These stages are executed simultaneously in unattended mode. This may rely on separators blank pages inserted between two documentspage counters or advanced ABBYY classification algorithms — that enable automatic detection of pages belonging to different documents.

Group verification for checkmarks and digits is applied across documents in form recognition projects. Identical figures signs from an entire document batch are displayed together. Recognition results of all required data fields are viewed simultaneously and compared with the original image. Information that is not successfully recognized, such as handwritten text or notes, can be typed manually into the fields. Field verification checks data fields one by one. Verification is available in thick and thin client versions.

Verification is an optional stage and can be skipped. For manual verification of recognition results, FlexiCapture offers several verification modes that enable speedy verification and greater convenience.

FlexiCapture provides export to:.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 12- Configuring Multipage Documents in FlexiLayout Studio

Elimination of labor-intensive operations guarantees fast ROI, while web-based clients and easy-to-configure data extraction ensure low TCO. Reduce costs and utilize your workforce more efficiently with Web-based data verification.

Operators simply log in to perform manual verification tasks. Capture documents at point of entry to reduce processing time, delivery costs and the space needed for storing paper documents. With the help of Web Capture Station, scanning and verification can be performed in a single web-based interface.

This enables front office document capture without the need for a thick client application — and speeds business processes by capturing documents at point of origin then quickly delivering them to the back-end. Advanced server-based architecture enables effective processing of large volumes of documents.

A powerful processing server handles all resource-intensive operations — performing automated task distribution among the processing stations and load balancing. Microsoft Cluster support ensures consistent system operation and prevents data loss in case of system failure.

The workflow also enables document processing in a fully unattended mode. Layout descriptions can automatically be generated simply by indicating elements and data fields for extraction on several images. Additionally, document descriptions can be fine-tuned in order to achieve even higher accuracy in locating document fields. Business-critical data fields can be verified by two operators independently to rule out program or human error.

Data will be accepted by the system as verified only after proofreading results coincide from both operators. Customizable Verification Station As a part of the Standard Verification Station, FlexiCapture offers scripting tools for customization of the user interface. This feature is ideal for projects where additional tools are required for specific operators, or where special regulations must be adhered to and monitored. Robust Reporting Custom reports for system and operator performance monitoring are available in FlexiCapture.

Easy Forms Design Designing blank fixed forms has never been easier.The new generation of the ABBYY forms processing and data capture solution, gives customers, from small business to corporate departments, the most complete and comprehensive solution possible to manage incoming paperbased forms and documents. The solution transforms documents and data into a usable format as it enters the organization in a paper-based form. Businesses can quickly and easily leverage the functions and features of FlexiCapture 12 to perform data capture and streamline business processes, reduce costs and serve customers more effectively.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 helps organizations of any kind with any volume of paperwork to significantly increase efficiency by automating paper-based business processes. Request a 30 day trial for FlexiCapture. Transportation and Logistics:. Home Page. Current Sales. My Account. Contact Us. Featured Products. Canon DR-G View All Featured.

Shopping Cart. Email a Friend. Print Page. Advanced Search Logic. Newsletters Suggestion Box Value-added Services. Criteria First, Inc.Electronic data capture platform that helps enterprises of all sizes manage operation costs, transactions, customer engagement, and end-to-end compliance. ABBYY FlexiCapture is a powerful data capture and document processing solution from a world-leading technology vendor. It is designed to transform streams of documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data.

And its award-winning recognition technologies, automatic document classification, plus a highly scalable and customizable architecture, mean that it can help companies and organizations of any size to streamline their business processes, increase efficiency and reduce cost. Comments: Easy to store hard copy result in system. Pros: Create one template for single type or one typed hardcopy and rest of the work has been done by flexi capture This is the best we can use the API to merged the same with asp.

Cons: Currently the hardcopy with low ppt cant be recognised percent correct need to do extra effort in that.

Hi, Devinder Singh Guleria! Thank you for your rewiew. We are glad that our product helped you! Our questions, concerns, and mistakes are always met with efficient and well thought solutions. Our people that were doing data-entry are now quickly verifying scans and moving onto other tasks. Cons: The line-item error messages for item's that we are not using is very annoying, but workable.

Pros: Takes paper out of the mix. Easy to get approvals and to do invoice validations again your ERP system.

abbyy flexicapture 12 price list

Cons: Always having slowness issues. Pros: It enabled the business to save time and money and eliminate a manual process which involved scanning and emailing an invoice to a particular client.

It is generally easy to use for staff. Any exceptions or failures could be seen on the verification station and dealt with. Cons: If a section in a batch failed verification the the remainder of the batch wouldn't be verified until the failure was cleared.

We frequently saw SharePoint related exceptions and they would often require a few retries send the document back to processing before the document would go through to SharePoint. The replacement went very smoothly. We did not use an upgrade path as our hardware on 6. We were very delighted with the flexibility the new version had. We can export straight to a database, dump to flat files, basically whatever we needed, it could be done.

We are able to setup scripts for certain fields to make sure the data falls within certain limits. We can setup fields with only certain allowed answers and alert our staff if something falls outside of those limits. Abbyy Flexicapture is an extremely powerful system. Most of the work on new system was done in house but when we had questions or issues, UFC was very prompt with answering our questions.

They were a pleasure to deal with when most other integrators wouldn't even return our calls. All in all, we were very happy we chose Abbyy as well as working with UFC.